Different applications, the same answer

No matter the application and no matter the different challenges, Twister delivers high-yield gas separation in all gas processing environments.


Onshore Gas Dehydration & Dewpointing

Flexible gas processing in remote locations

Twister solutions directly meet costs and remote operational requirements in onshore gas dehydration and dewpointing, simultaneously dehydrating and removing hydrocarbons, and reacting with ease to production fluctuations.

Twister’s proprietary solutions provide the ideal alternative to glycol-based systems that lack flexibility and come with significant costs and logistics, simultaneously dehydrating and removing hydrocarbons and safely delivering gas to turbines. With no need for operator intervention or chemical logistics, the Twister solutions are also ideal for remote locations.

Twister solutions
Twister provides onshore gas processing for producing pipeline spec gas for domestic/fuel gas use, and/or for producing LPG and/or condensates.

Specific features and benefits include process features; NGL stabilization/fractionation; a closed system with no glycol and emissions, and minimum maintenance making it ideal for remote and inaccessible locations; fast flow ramp-up to address swing production; reduced plot space and weight compared to alternative solutions; flexible operations to enable a broad range of gas flow rates and composition; maximum recovery of NGL/unit compression for systems without molecular sieves; and lower CAPEX.

Since 2009 a Twister designed dehydration and dewpointing system containing Twister’s proprietary Supersonic Separator and Hydrate Separators have been safely dehydrating and dewpointing 180 MMSCFD of natural gas. The system is required to meet stringent water and hydrocarbon dewpoint specifications to protect gas turbines in remote locations

Dehydrating and dewpointing 180 MMSCFD of natural gas.