Different applications, the same answer

No matter the application and no matter the different challenges, Twister delivers high-yield gas separation in all gas processing environments.


Offshore Sour Gas Dehydration

Safely dehydrating from a sour gas field for more than 10 years

Twister believes that a minimum amount of gas processing should take place offshore, thereby minimizing equipment, plot spaces, operational support and HSE risk. Due to the dehydration of gas by expansion cooling instead of glycol absorption, Twister delivers the safest means to dehydrate sour gas while significantly improving project economics. Twister provides a compelling alternative to glycols and the issues of toxic H2S, contamination of the glycol regenerator, high H2S gas inventories, and logistical challenges in operating from remote offshore locations.

Twister solutions
Ideal Twister solutions for Sour Gas dehydration are the Twister Supersonic Separator and Twister Hydrate Separator. Both technologies provide a safer, simpler and more financially viable alternative to fully manned glycol-based or amine gas treating production platforms. Benefits include a closed system with no emissions; minimum maintenance and site intervention requirements; dehydration to <5 lbs/MMscf; weight savings of between 25 and 50%; and CAPEX savings of a similar amount.

For more than ten years, a Twister designed offshore dehydration system containing Twister’s proprietary Supersonic Separator and Hydrate Separators has been safely dehydrating 600 MMSCFD of natural gas containing up to 20% CO2 and 3500 ppm H2S.

The Twister Supersonic Separator technology was deployed on the Shell operated B11, 600 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) production platform in Malaysia, with higher than normal sour gas contaminant levels. The Twister technology was a key element of the overall sour gas management risk mitigation strategy and as a closed system, the Twister Supersonic technology provided an inherently safer system over traditional dehydration solutions.

Capex savings up to 40%
Safely dehydrating 600 MMSCFD of natural gas.