Different applications, the same answer

No matter the application and no matter the different challenges, Twister delivers high-yield gas separation in all gas processing environments.


Offshore Gas Dehydration & Dewpointing

Simultaneously dehydrating and removing hydrocarbons

Twister technologies directly address dehydrations and dewpointing challenges through a flexible, cost-effective and sustainable solution. Dehydration can be up to <5 lbs/MMscf; dewpointing to >0 °C (Cricondentherm); topside weight savings of between 30 and 60%; and CAPEX savings of a similar percentage.

As opposed to traditional solutions – a combination of bulky chemical and/or molecular sieves – Twister’s flexible, light-weight solutions simultaneously dehydrate and remove hydrocarbons, meaning that they can be used as a compact bulk pretreatment system to unload molecular sieve needs while meeting hydrocarbon dewpoint specifications.

Twister solutions
Twister provides highly effective solutions for offshore dehydration and dewpointing based around the Twister Supersonic Separator and Twister Hydrate Separator. Features and benefits include an integrated wellhead production platform with FSO condensate storage; process features including air coolers, heat exchangers, inlet separators, and condensate stabilization; and a closed system with no glycol and a minimum inventory.

The Twister gas processing technology was used for dewpointing 120 MMSCFD of gas supplied as fuel gas to the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) owned and operated 650MW Afam V1 combined cycle power plant. The completed system included six Twister Supersonic Separators together with a chemical-free Twister Hydrate Separator.

Capex savingsup to 60%
Dewpointing 120 MMSCFD of gas.