A return on yourinvestment in just 4 days.Why wouldn’t you?

The reality is, switching to SwirlValve™ deliversa return on your investment in just 4 days.

Switch to SwirlValve

Increase your capacity by 20% and your profitability byover 50% with SwirlValve compared to a traditional JT valve.

20% additional capacity increases profitability by over 50%

What is SwirlValve?

A revolutionary vortex-inducing valve forming a larger droplet size to improve separation efficiency and optimize production without the need for chemicals.

The patented solution is easily installed, replacing your existing JT valve, to dramatically improve separation and flow performance.


Benefits overa traditional JT Valve

Through an intelligent adaptation of existing and proven axial control valve technologies, SwirlValve minimizes the mixing of gas and liquid phases, reduces pressure drop in JT-LTS processes and increases droplet sizes, leading to improved separation efficiencies.

JT ValveJT Valve

Key benefits

  • Instant de-bottlenecking
  • Liquid carryover
  • Low shear
  • Easy retro-fit installation
  • Immediate returns

Guaranteed ROIin days

We’re confident that SwirlValve will make a real difference to your operation showing ROI in days.

A risk-free boost to your gas processing – why wouldn’t you?