Different applications, the same answer

No matter the application and no matter the different challenges, Twister delivers high-yield gas separation in all gas processing environments.

Offshore Light Oil/Condensate Stripping with Gas Reinjection

NGL recovery rates of up to 25,000 BPD

By making light oil and condensate stripping efficient and cost-effective, Twister delivers increased production yields and reduced costs across the operating cycle with NGL recovery rates of as much as 25,000 BPD, topside weight savings of between 30% and 60%; and CAPEX savings of the same amount.

Twister solutions recover valuable hydrocarbons through highly efficient expansion cooling with no rotating parts. With minimum gas processing taking place offshore, Twister delivers the most reliable and efficient means of recovering condensate at high operating pressure.

For more than ten years, a Twister designed offshore system containing Twister’s proprietary Supersonic Separator and Hydrate Separators has been safely processing 600 MMSCFD of natural gas.


Twister solutions

Twister provides solutions for offshore condensate stripping based on two solutions – the Twister Supersonic Separator and Twister Hydrate Separator.

As opposed to large-scale glycol-based production platforms, features and benefits include a Twister-based topside FPSO that includes condensate storage and offload facilities; process features including air coolers, heat exchanges, inlet separators, gas reinjection compressors; and a closed system with no glycol.